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yep, that’s our purpose here – to make
everyone feel like a ten!®

why? because we believe that everyone should be living their best life ever. and when we help someone feel put together and polished – we help them feel more confident. confident people kick ass. confident people do great things. confident people live their best lives ever. so get on in here and let us make you #FeelLikeATen!

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x.kristen (ceo + creator)

(fyi, we’re officially hijacking the ‘ten’ and reclaiming it.
being a ‘ten’ is about feeling great about yourself, not about what others think.)

nailbar. wax+laserbar. skinbar. lash+browbar.

THE TEN SPOT® is a one stop beauty spot providing our guests with efficient, yet impeccably executed services with an cheeky vibe, in a #clinicallyclean environment (since 2006, baby!). so grab your gang, or come solo and let us blow you away with our sleek style and savvy service.
we can’t wait to have you as our guest!

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we’ve always been about serious sanitization – it’s one (of the many!) reasons we’re a cult fav with our guests. but since the ‘vid hit the world hard, we’ve upped our health n’ saftey game even more!

read how we’ve been keepin’ it clean since 2006!

please note that as of nov. 8th 2021 all guests getting
services in our ontario bars must be fully vaxxed!

birthday, bachelorette, bridal shower, baby shower, holiday fête, corporate team building… if you’ve got a need to get your party on – we can make it a 10/10!

manis, pedis and mimosas – does anything go better together?! we don’t think so. so, when it comes to being the host with the most –
THE TEN SPOT® is the spot to host your event.

let’s party.

(or an empire of beauty bars!)

joining the fastest-growing beauty bar brand in the biz.
we’re north america’s largest + most successful
multi-service beauty bar brand.

our award-winning business model is turning the heads of entrepreneurs who want to own a recession-resistant concept with highly repeatable services, multiple revenue streams, and great margins. we’re closing in on 100 locations, and with wide-open territory in the united states, we’re rapidly expanding from coast to coast.

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meet the the only beauty membership that lets you pick any service* you want, every month.
maybe it’s a mani this month, possibly a pedi the next, or even back-to-back brazilly’s®.

because you make this membership.

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polishes, products + more! oh my!

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everything you need for the perfect
at home mani + pedi.

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as well as being the ceo + creator of THE TEN SPOT®, she’s all about ceo’ing the shxt out of her life so she can live life at a ten + (hopefully!!!) inspire you to do the same!

follow our founder to get in on content all about; how-to’s / life hacks / behind the scenes / tips n’ tricks of being an entrepreneur / ceo / mom / woman / partner + franchisor of a company in hyper scale mode!

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