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welcome to THE TEN SPOT®

you need the perfect spot for your beauty routine and the options aren’t awesome: it’s either cheap and dirty nail salons that cut corners on both hygiene and employment standards, pricey day spas that eat up your day and your wallet, or one-service ‘bars’ that provide just that – only one service.

cue THE TEN SPOT®, baby! the original anti-spa beauty bar, providing guests with a new option for efficient, yet impeccably executed beauty services with an unpretentious vibe, in a spotless environment, since 2006.

we exist to make everyone feel like a ten!

THE TEN SPOT® is officially hijacking the ‘ten’ and reclaiming it.
being a ‘ten’ is about feeling great about yourself, not about what others think. everyone can be a ten. so grab your gang, or come solo and let us blow you away with our sleek style and savvy service. we can’t wait to have you as our guest!

x. kristen

(ceo + creator)

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the word on the street

“…before I know it, it’s done. My entire bikini area takes 14-16 zaps and in the end, a total of 15 minutes from undressing to out the door. I’ve literally waited for the streetcar longer.”
The Kit
“FYI: now is the time to get laser hair removal”
Elle Canada
“Why we love it: The Ten Spot—now with locations in eight cities across Canada—is the perfect place for group mani-pedis.”
Flare Magazine
“When it first opened in 2006, it was one of many new nail bars spreading like wildfire across the city. But it was instantly likeable for its totally cheeky and hilarious attitude, and in the way it branded itself as the anti-spa, positioned way more as a place to congregate with your chicks rather than unwind and tune out the world.”
FASHION Magazine
“This is my go to spot for nails… The locations are clean and bright, and have a chill relaxed vibe. You can watch fun Netflix movies while receiving your services and you leave feeling pampered but not “spa’ed out”.
“This self-described “anti-spa” adheres to the highest sanitation standards: no pedi sinks with jets, no double dipping wax sticks and no reusing buffer blocks or nail files.”
NOW Magazine

pre + post tips

life on laser

experience life on laser at THE TEN SPOT®! yep, that’s right. we’ve launched laser. amazing af results. pretty much pain-free. pay as you go, on the go + we do everybody. what's not to love? check out [...]

laser FAQ

let's get ya in the know on all things laser at the 10spot®! frequently asked questions our amazing af machine sets itself. yep, that’s right - our patented skintel technology measures the [...]

post-laser tips

so how was it for you? here’s a list of things to do and expect, post-laser appointment at THE TEN SPOT®: what to do after your laser service you may notice [...]

pre-laser tips

let’s getcha fully prepared, so your appointment runs as smoothly as possible (yep, that was a pun). here’s a checklist of things to do before your laser service: shave! we know this goes [...]

appointments, cancellations + other policies

we know, we know, policies are soooo corporate…but they are necessary! so here is a run down of our policies here at THE TEN SPOT®. if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate [...]

health + safety

here at THE TEN SPOT®, we adhere to the most stringent hygiene standards + practices, going well above and beyond government regulations. seriously, we’re kind of intense about it. as clinical cleanliness is a major concern [...]

get nailed: all about manicures

nothing makes us feel more like a ten than perfectly primped and polished nails. a good manicure is the best accessory money can buy, and with approximately 1,000,000* shades of polish to choose from at every 10spot® [...]

feet first: pedicures at THE TEN SPOT®

Whether you're prepping for sandal season, have a big event coming up, or you just fancy a pampering treat during your lunch break, a pedicure from THE TEN SPOT® leaves your feet feeling baby-soft and looking beautiful. [...]