THE TEN SPOT'S laser hair removal services

laser hair removal services

need a pick-me-up to feel like your perfect ten self? a laser hair removal service at THE TEN SPOT® could be just the thing to perk you up. need some options? no worries! we offer a variety of options to fit everyone’s unique needs. from our trademarked brazilly® brazilian laser hair removal to our full leg laser, we’ve got what you need.

not a hair person and want to get rid of all (or most) of your body hair? you can combine our services to get a full body laser hair removal – and hey, if you need to do all that in more than one sitting, we won’t judge. you do you!

THE TEN SPOT® has laser hair removal services – bikini or brazilly® or otherwise – to suit whatever you’re feeling today. get amazing results you’ll adore, and it’s pretty much pain-free (which is the best part, really). whoever said beauty had to be a pain didn’t know what they were talking about.

a woman undergoing a laser hair removal procedure
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please note, laser services cannot be performed if you are pregnant. you cannot have any facial laser done if you are currently using any skin thinning prescribed medications or topical products (Retin-A, Retinol, Differin, Vitamin A), or have used or are currently using accutane for the last 8-12 months (face or body laser).

the brazilly® laser
25 min.
our signature brazilian service, laser style! everything off – including your treasure trail, full vajay and between the cheeks – or almost everything off, you decide.

the bikini laser
15 min.
no more ingrowns. for reals. just the sides and a little off the top. includes your treasure trail!

the bumkini®  laser
20 min.
aka ‘the full bush brazilly®’ laser. it’s a bikini (so the sides + a little off the top) plus we take care of any strays between the cheeks!

the bum laser
15 min.
full bum + in between the cheeks!

the full leg laser
30 min.
from top of the upper thigh to ankle! (includes toes, does not include bikini)

the treasure trail laser
15 min.
from your belly button down to your bikini line: just the treasure trail!

the half leg laser
20 min.
bottoms or tops, you pick: bottom of leg includes toes to the top of the knee, top of the leg includes bottom of the knee to top of the thigh (includes toes too!)

the full face laser
30 min.
sides of face, chin, and lip!

the lip laser
10 min.
full upper lip

the chin laser
10 min.
sides + bottom of chin area

the sides of face laser
10 min.
begone, baby hairs.

the underarms laser
10 min.
you’ll never have to shave them again. sign. us. up.

the full arm laser
25 min.
baby smooth arms all the way. includes hands + fingers!

the half arm laser
15 min.
above the elbow or below the elbow. includes hands + fingers!

the chest laser
25 min.
full chest laser, from neck to just below the belly button. 

the full back laser
30 min.
furless back coming up – includes the shoulders!

the half back laser
20 min.
upper or lower back, your choice. if top, it includes shoulders; lower back is from mid back to belt line

the neck laser
15 min.
front or back of the neck or both – your choice!

the tummy laser
15 min.
the full tummy

*laser available at select locations

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the average is 4-6 sessions to be totally hair free, but your esthetics expert can give you a better sense after your first session, based on your hair type.

if you are worried about the pain we sell numbing cream that can be applied 40 minutes in advance and you won’t feel a thing! but even without numb cream it’s a very low pain experience for most people. plus the service is super fast, if you’ve ever done waxing laser will most likely feel like a walk in the park!

absolutely! this is one of the biggest benefits to laser, you can be hair free in the short and long term! in fact it’s best if you shave 24 hours before your session. just don’t tweeze or wax, we need those little hair roots to be there to zap away!

yep, 18 and up? c’mon in! 16 or 17? we’ll need parental/guardian consent but we can do it. under 16? just hold on a few years, we’ll be here waiting for ya!

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we could go on and on about our services and how amazing they can make you feel, but the best way to really know how we can help you is to get acquainted with our laser hair removal services. meet them all below and find out what they’re all about.

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choice is a good thing and we’ve got plenty of that when it comes to your next laser hair removal service. need a bikini laser hair removal? check. need laser hair removal brazilian style? come on down. not really sure what kind of laser hair removal service you need, but just tired of shaving and want results that actually last? we got you! and if you’re looking for more services, we can handle that. THE TEN SPOT® is a beauty bar that can handle your manis, pedis, skincare – whatever you need to live your life like a ten. we even offer waxing as an alternative to laser hair removal if you’re just not quite feeling like something new and different.

give us a call, come on in, or book us online  – whatever you prefer. our laser hair removal experts can set you up with an appointment or help you decide the best services for your glow-up.

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