summer lovin

it’s hot out there, and we are SO READY to embrace the best parts of summer; endless days, shimmering water and ice cream for dinner. this year we’re really feeling the extremes of the season, so we’re here to express our varied vibe with a versatile set of colour palettes to take you from your next poolside party to a shady sunday afternoon.

hot tropics

we’re keeping it bright with shades of electric blue and tangerine – check out exotic birds do not tweet, super tripicalifijiistic, and no tan lines from OPI; availabe in gel and rego polish!


Winter is finally slipping away. Summer, we know you're out there! #SuperTropICaliFijiIstic

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How great will your clients tan look with this bright tangerine? #NoTanLines

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poolside vibes

stay cool by the pool with these chill 90s shades – check out polly want a lacquer, two-timing the zones and getting nadi on my honeymoon from OPI. we’re also completely digging essie’s twist on a classic coral – check out meet meat sunset and head straight to your next bbq


cool neutrals

heat got you down? we hear you – when we’re ready to stick to the shade we coordinate our look with eternal optimist from Essie and time for a napa from OPI. sit back, relax, and crack open a lacroix! (available in canada now, woo!)


Satisfyingly pretty #summer shade. #TimeForANapa 📷 @nailinghollywood

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