welcome to THE TEN SPOT® franchising

we want to be the biggest + best beauty bar company in the world.
we want to grow our brand across canada, the us and the rest of the world.
we want to be the starbucks of spas.

and we are gonna do it with our amazing franchise partners (meaning, maybe you!)

we’ve created a niche concept that blends the best of the luxury spa world with the convenience of the salon world to cater to what busy women want most: impeccably executed, efficient services in an ultra-clean environment. we offer manis, pedis, waxing, and now, laser (what what!) in the fastest, cleanest, and coolest anti-spa® in the business.

if you’re interested in opening up your own 10spot® beauty bar, then you’re in the right place. here’s lots of information on our business model, why it works and how you can become part of THE TEN SPOT® crew!

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the stats

franchising as an industry is seeing steady growth in north america, a new franchise biz opens every 8 minutes of every business day in the united states1

franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent; 75 percent higher than the success rate associated with traditional businesses

additionally, the global spa market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.66% from 2017 to 20212


partner with the best beauty bar in the world

THE TEN SPOT® is the fastest growing brand in the beauty biz. since launching our first store in toronto twelve years ago, we’ve exploded with growth from coast to coast. basically, we’re driving the massive growth in this industry, and you can be a part of it.

we’ve revolutionized beauty bars across canada – now we’re here to shake things up south of the border. be the first to take advantage.

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the benefits to becoming a 10spot® franchise partner

we’re not a love you, then leave you company

we’re in it for the long haul, we make it as easy as possible for you to start up your own 10spot® by providing you with oodles of support and training. no previous esthetics experience is required to open a 10spot® because we teach you absolutely everything you need to know.

we want to coach you to success. from the moment you sign on the dotted line you we assign you a business coach who is your main point of contact for support. your coach holds regular calls with you to focus on your goals, review metrics and help you overcome any challenges you may be facing.

location, location

we help you find the perfect spot for your new business.
straight off the bat, we get our real estate advisory firm on the hunt to find the perfect location for your new business, and we’ll also help you negotiate a good lease.

fittings + equipment

we support the design + construction of your brand new space
we know what we’re doing – we’ll hook you up with the best vendors to sort out the beauty bar layout, permits, gorgeous custom millwork and hung fixtures to transform your space into a 10Spot®.

hiring + training

we help you hire + train so staff can start nailing it right away.
by the time your grand opening comes around, you + your staff are ready to rock since we train all of your initial hires (esthetic experts and guest coordinators)! we also train you on how to manage a 10Spot® efficiently.

money moneyy

we give you the tools + guidance to help secure financing for your new business.
on a day-to-day level, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of bookkeeping during your training, and help you with the financial aspect of running a business.

marketing + buzz

we’re working behind the scenes to build the hype for your new location.
all of our locations pay into a collective marketing/advertising fund, which allows us to do some super cool campaigns that no one location would be able to afford. that’s one of the benefits of being in THE TEN SPOT® family!

ongoing support

need help with something? we've got your back, from day one.
we teach you about day-to-day operations, staff engagement, guest care essentials, bookkeeping 101 and so much more. we also have the protocols, policies and procedures for every situation on lockdown.
The core values presentation really inspired our staff! They really appreciated Kristen coming in to inspire and show what direction the brand is going.
Katherine Hebb, THE TEN SPOT® Franchise Partner
It was just really nice to hear that our hard work is noticed and appreciated! I know there are always going to be things to work on and improve on…but it was really nice to take a moment to look at the areas where we were meeting/exceeding expectations! Thank you so much! Your visit meant a lot to me and my team.
Corin Comisky, THE TEN SPOT® Franchise Partner
I SO appreciate the level of support (which is still ongoing) from HQ; and everyone that I’ve dealt with has been wonderful.
Kelsey MacDonald, THE TEN SPOT® Franchise Partner

5 steps to owning your own 10spot® beauty bar

if you have done your research, spent time reviewing the info on this website and confirmed your interest in becoming a 10spot® franchise partner, we look forward to meeting you! here’s what happens next:

  • step #1 | fill out an application

    click the button on the top right and submit your franchise application form! this gets the process started on our end and allows us to make an initial assessment of personal information, business experience, financial status, references. (note: filling out an application is strictly confidential and carries no obligation.)

  • step #2 | get to know each other!

    qualified candidates will be contacted for a series of interviews, presentations and a credit application. we give you an in-depth look at what it’s like being a 10spot® franchise partner; what’s involved, what to expect from us and what we expect from you. during this time we also get to find out more about you and see if you’re a fit!

  • step #3 | disclosure time!

    if your credit application is approved, then will then provide you with a copy of our disclosure documents for you and your lawyer to review. this set of documents includes everything you need to know about franchising with THE TEN SPOT®. it includes all fees, historical revenue from our operational locations as well as a copy of our franchise agreement.

  • step #4 | deposit & territory selection

    now we get the lawyer involved! your lawyer will set up a company for you and you’ll send us a deposit so that our lawyer can draft up our franchise agreement for us to sign.

  • step #5 | sign the franchise agreement + pop the champagne!

    it’s time to sign! at the time of signing the remainder of the initial franchise fee is due (minus the deposit) and that’s it! you’ve got yourself a 10spot®! from there we find your space and start your training!

We were really pleased with how the HQ crew responded and joint problem solved with us with our most current staffing crisis! We were also really pleased with all of HQ in terms of the acquisition of the 2 new stores, lots of support was offered including Kristen joining us for the announcement to employees
Jacki Allen, Franchise Partner of THE TEN SPOT®
I love this company and the brand and I think that the support given by HQ is awesome.
Laura Tavenier, Franchise Partner of THE TEN SPOT®
…love the brand and all that we stand for, cleanliness being next to godliness and all, we are at the alter! I love the space and the aesthetic, I think our store is the most beautiful store ever! Our protocols are great and Leslie [manager of esthetics practice and product] is a great teacher, the staff really love her. Laura [CFO] offers great tips and support on the financial side and helps out when we need concepts explained or clarified. Kristen [CEO] is super-energizing and the enthusiasm is contagious.
Rachel Kasias, Franchise Partner of THE TEN SPOT®

the hq crew


kristen gale
creator + ceo

kristen is the ceo + creator of THE TEN SPOT®. as ceo, kristen’s main focus is on brand oversight, development and expansion – she has her hands in everything; from developing new service protocols to designing collateral and wining and dining all our new franchise partners. kristen was named one of PROFIT/chatelaine magazine’s top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada in 2016 and has landed THE TEN SPOT® on PROFIT 500’s fastest growing companies in 2016. since its first opening THE TEN SPOT® has grown exponentially across canada with plans for the US of A! kristen is also a speaker with the canadian national  speaker’s bureau.

laura wittholz

laura has been with THE TEN SPOT® since the very early days. unable to control her passion for figures and complex algorithms, laura earned her bachelor of business administration (b.b.a.) majoring in accounting from ryerson then became designated as a  chartered professional accountant (CPA, CGA) in 2015. as cfo laura manages the financial strategy of THE TEN SPOT® group of businesses + oversees the accounting, IT, financial planning and budgeting functions.  laura works with each location to ensure everything is running smoothly and is turning a profit! when laura is not at the office you can find her on the volleyball court, hanging out with her super cool designer husband felix, their dog tica + cat stella.

sarah greco

sarah greco

sarah is the guardian of the brand and is responsible for building brand love + awareness. she oversees all 10spot® design elements (including in-store design) and all content curation. she leads on the development of our national marketing strategy, administers the ad fund, provides local marketing support for franchisees and leads on research + development for our 10spot® beauty line. sarah is a graduate of one canada’s top biz schools and brings experience from both advertising and brand management at global corporate firms, like unilever and ogilvy. most recently has been teaching marketing strategy at a local toronto college. when work + teaching allows for a break, you will find her traveling the world or at a yoga class.

beth macbean
director of development

beth macbean is the director of development at THE TEN SPOT® beauty bars. as the newest member of the ever expanding hq crew, she is driving the bus at hq on all new beauty bar location builds, real estate development, project management + construction management. beth is is passionate about the outdoors, canoeing the refurbishment of outdoor spaces. fun fact: she is in the process of building a shipping container cabin!

leslie elvidge

leslie elvidge
manager of education + quality

from a sleek slick of polish that hugs but never crowds the cuticle to an immaculately waxed bikini line, leslie will not rest until everything is in its place. a northern ontario girl — from the soo, leslie earned her esthetics stripes in toronto spas of all sorts – in hotels and salons, corporate brands, indie boutiques and culminating in her own downtown joint over the course of her 18+ year career. prior to joining our crew she was a teacher of esthetics, leslie started her career at THE TEN SPOT® as the manager of THE TEN SPOT® bloor west location. leslie’s passion for esthetics runs deep so she slides effortlessly into her hq role as THE TEN SPOT®’s manager of education + quality. she works closely with both our corporate and franchise locations teaching them THE TEN SPOT® way. when she isn’t in the office she is spending all her time with her husband and baby boy, clark.

katherine edey

katherine edey
accounting + executive assistant

katherine is the accountant and executive assistant at THE TEN SPOT® hq. she supports the cfo with all things numbers + accounting and is the executive assistant + office manager at hq. katherine is an enthusiastic beauty consumer, foodie and accounting aficionado. katherine has a diploma in business accounting, and just like her husband, has a background in public accounting. when she isn’t dreaming in debits and credits or debating the newest accounting principles, you can find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe or covered in glue from her latest diy project. hello, pinterest.

paulina the ten spot

paulina berlingieri
field consultant

paulina is the field consultant for THE TEN SPOT®. she is a certified esthetician with an obsession for protocols and has over 10 years experience in the industry. in 2014, she started as the lead esthetic expert of the guelph location and started training 10spotters nationally. she then became the manager of the hamilton, working her way up to her consulting role at hq. she is responsible for being the ‘tour guide’ for franchise partners, walking them through each step of their process from management training to opening. when she isn’t in the office she is hiking with her better half + weimaraner tilly or riding horses.


we know you probably got a lot of questions – so hopefully some of them get answered here!

franchising is a unique business relationship governed by a contract (aka the franchise agreement) where in which a franchisor grants a franchisee the right to use it’s brand and operating system for a period of time along with assistance for initial start up and ongoing support. for this the franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing monthly royalty fees. in short, you own your own business, but your business is required to operate using the franchisor’s “system”.

we require that our franchise partners dedicate full time hours to the business either as the designated manager or (if you own more than one 10spot®) that you are heavily involved in overseeing the management of all your locations.

our concept works best if you are a sole owner that will be working as the manager of your location (we want our franchise partners to be the ‘face’ of their location) or if doing a partnership; one of you keeps your day job while the other operates your location. fact is, you’ll make more money doing it alone and it can be operated by one person.

for sure! in fact, the more the better for you and THE TEN SPOT®. we are seeking ambitious individuals who are capable of operating multiple locations and growing big with us!

you can (we’ve got the legal docs for it) – but we definitely don’t recommend it. only offering waxing is leaving a stack of profits on the table since about 45% of our service sales are waxing and another 48% are nail bar services. our guests are busy professionals that want a one stop shop for all their monthly maintenances services.

our initial franchising fee is $50,000 and our royalty fee is 6% of gross sales due per month for both concepts. there are a few other flat rate marketing and system access fees which are all outlined in our franchise disclosure documents.

we’re looking for people who love the thought of owning their own own business, being their own boss and working with a proven concept. if you have leadership skills, high attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to follow a proven system, we want to hear from you!

THE TEN SPOT® requirements for a beauty bar location are approximately 1200-1500 square feet. it all depends on your space and the layout as to how many stations can fit. usually it’s 4-6 mani stations, 4-6 pedi stations, 3-4 waxing rooms (with one being fit for facials and tinting too).

we give you a turnkey experience when it comes to the build out of your 10spot®. we have programs available with contractors, designers, and equipment suppliers which enable you to have your store planned, equipped and built cost effectively and in the shortest possible time.

that primarily depends on the availability of locations in the area that you have selected for your store. once your space has been found and the lease has been signed, the usual build out time is an average of three to four months.

at this time, THE TEN SPOT® does not offer financing assistance. financing options may be pursued through third parties. however, the canadian government has a Small Businesss Financing Loan (CSBF) – which you can read about here. it can be used to cover 90% of eligible costs related to leasehold improvements and equipment for an amount of up to $350K. THE TEN SPOT® has broken down what may be eligible and this information can be provided to you. the royal bank of canada also offers a government guaranteed small business financing loan to cover 90% of leasehold improvements, fixtures and equipment costs of your ‘build out’, however about 20%-35% (approx $125k) of your start up costs must be covered by unencumbered cash (this is used to cover the initial fee, rent, and various start up supplies).

profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most important, your ability to operate the business effectively.

absolutely. at the time a location is determined for your first store a “protected area” will be established. the size of the area will depend on the density of population, traffic, competition and other factors.

got more questions?

fill out an application form and we’ll start chatting one on one.

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