caring for your cuticles in 5 easy steps

cuticle care

you’ve heard of cuticles, and if you’ve been to THE TEN SPOT® you know we pay extra attention to your cuticles during a mani sesh.

but you might be wondering – what exactly is a cuticle, and why is it sooo important whenever we talk about nail care? for starters, take a look at your fingernails. see the part where your nail ends and your skin begins? that skin right there is your cuticle, and they’re pretty bad-ass.

cuticles help seal the area that covers the base of the nail and protects you from bacteria and certain forms of infections. So how can you protect these little fighters and keep them looking healthy? follow our tips below!

step #1

first off, you will need the right tools to get the job done:

  • have a bottle of acetone-free nail polish remover ready to take off any old polish. purchase a orange wood stick , or even a cuticle pusher like this one. remember to disinfect or discard your tools after each use! 
  • look for a cuticle moisturizer, which can be in the form of an oil or a lotion that combines moisturizing for both your nails + cuticles. our 10spot locations use protective nail + skin oil! 
  • find a good-quality hand moisturizer that won’t dry out your skin and contains ingredients like vitamin e! our 10spot lotion is packed with coconut oil, organic shea butter, grape seed oil, and yes, vitamin e! 

step #2

before taking care of your cuticles, try to keep your hands squeaky clean and safe from harsh chemicals! and before you pick up your nail tools, be sure to give your hands + nails a nice washing (we recommend using our 10spot body wash!). 

step #3 

if you want to make sure your cuticles are doing their job, we recommend to gently push them back with a wooden orange stick or cuticle pusher. first, grab a small bowl and fill it with warm water. dunk your hands into the water and let your cuticles soften for about 5 minutes. when your hands are clean and dry, take your cuticle pusher stick and gently push back your cuticles.

step #4 

once you’ve finished pushing back your cuticles, remember to apply lotion or cuticle oil. apply a dime-sized drop of cuticle oil/lotion on each finger and gently massage onto your fingertips. easy-peasy, and it feels great!

step #5

use everyday products to maintain cuticle health! you could use lip balm on your nail tips and nail beds when you’re on the run. you can even moisturize your nail tips with olive oil + coconut oil! who said they’re only used for cooking?! if you need a little boost in growing your nails, try eating foods or taking minerals that contain vitamin e, vitamin c and vitamin b. and finally, remember to use gloves when handling harsh detergents or cleaning products to protect your hands + cuticles!

bonus tip!

if you’re unsure of how to properly cut your cuticles, book an appointment with us! our certified estheticians can take proper care of your cuticles + fingernails, and can share profesh advice on how to keep your cuticles #FeelingLikeATen!