new year, less hair?! unless you’re still living in 1999, you’ve probably seen the hype surrounding laser hair removal. maybe you’ve seen our services at your local 10spot, or your friends just raaaaaaave about it! either way, we know you’ve been curious to try, and 2019 may be your year to #treatyoself to laser!

so, are you ready to leave those razors in 2018?! check out our laser q + a’s below!

1. so, how exactly do our laser certified 10spotters target your unwanted hair?

take notes, ‘cause you about to learn! during a laser sesh, our patented technology measures the melanin content of your skin + automatically sends that info back to our diode laser, so your service is tailored to your unique hair colour + skin type.

okay – we know this may sound a bit freaky, but trust us when we say it’s totally safe! our lasers are legit the best + fastest + safest machines in the biz, and laser sesh’s at THE TEN SPOT are as pain-free as it gets! you can read more about this here and here!

remember – if you’re nervous about feeling pain before or during your session, our esthetics experts can always answer any questions to keep you feeling chill + relaxed! you can also find our famous pre-care numbing creams at any 10spot location!

2. why are your laser services so expensive?

it’s no secret that you may have to spend the last of your holiday $$ for our signature laser services, but this is for a simple reason! since THE TEN SPOT carries the best + fastest lasers in the bizz, we also have to bring out the big bucks to supply all the machines and products for our sessions. this is to make sure our guests can experience the best of the best and walk out #FeelingLikeATen!

when you also pay upfront for our laser sesh’s, you can save big on other shaving or waxing tools! let’s do some quick math – if you are spending $50 per month on bikini waxing and then get all of your hair gone in 4 laser sesh’s, you can save over $80 + you won’t have to come in for another sesh for a loooooooooong time! it’s that simple!

3. do you *need* to book a multiple sessions?

not upfront! we aren’t ones to tell our guests to buy a package of laser sesh’s. you can pay as you go! on average you can expect to book 6-8 laser sessions to see big results. this is because your hair grows in cycles, and multiple sessions can stop new hairs from growing. the number of sessions you may need can depend on each guest, but once you finish multiple sessions with us, you’ll see some permanent hair reduction!

laser sesh’s can add up compared to disposable razors + waxing, but once you stop having to worry about body hair maintenance for weeks (or even months!) you’ll realize it was all totes worth it! click here for more info about multiple sesh’s!

4. what’s the best body part to get laser on?

don’t ask us, ask yourself! which body hair do you want to zapped off and why!? maybe you spend too much time shaving your legs, or you’re maybe going to a sunny destination and want to feel fierce af in your bikini area. whatever service you want is up to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask your friendly esthetics experts! they can give you tips + tricks for which service is the best for you. ask away!

5. what about aftercare?!

we’ve done our job, now it’s time to do yours! after you #treatyoself to a perfect, smooth-going laser sesh, you’ll need to take care of yourself and your newly lasered skin! you’ll definitely need sunscreen + a cool towel or ice pack for your skin. click here to see our post-laser tips!

for more info on laser pre + post tips and services, click here!