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our mani predictions of 2019!

you’ve already said buh-bye to 2018, now say “oh, helllllllo!” to our mani predictions of 2019! what type of manis are you showing off in 2019? short or long? dark or light? we've scrolled far and wide (on our insta page...) and we've got the predictions! check out our 2019 nail inspos that will get you running to your local 10spot! [...]

our six+1 is back for january!

new year, new me?! how about new year, old faves!? due to popular demand from our 10spot guests, followers + fans, we’re bringing back one of our fave promos - the six+1!® for the newbies out there, here’s the six+1 hook up: when you purchase a new series of any 6 laser services - that includes the brazilly® , the underarms, [...]

why 2019 is the year of the laser!

new year, less hair?! unless you’re still living in 1999, you’ve probably seen the hype surrounding laser hair removal. maybe you’ve seen our services at your local 10spot, or your friends just raaaaaaave about it! either way, we know you’ve been curious to try, and 2019 may be your year to #treatyoself to laser! so, [...]

  • manicure cuticle care

caring for your cuticles in 5 easy steps

you’ve heard of cuticles, and if you’ve been to THE TEN SPOT® you know we pay extra attention to your cuticles during a mani sesh. but you might be wondering - what exactly is a cuticle, and why is it sooo important whenever we talk about nail care? for starters, take a look at your fingernails. see [...]

  • laser hair removal legs

the six+1

goodbye summer; hellooooo fall! tis the season of layers, new boots, the obligatory PSL - and the official start of laser season! it’s been one year since we started living our #LifeOnLaser and we have loved every second of it. to celebrate, we’re kicking things off with a promo that’ll make you say holy sh*t! what’s the big deal? [...]

  • port credit ontario beauty bar

tuesday flix + chill

movies and manis? hells yeah! we've got some fun stuff happening at your local 10spot®, including our latest creation! we know that the start of your work week can drag on for-ev-er, so we've got you covered with a nice lil' pick me up to chase away those tuesday blues. introducing, the tuesday flix + chill. grab your best pal [...]

new season, who dis?

daylight! sunshine! warmth! (well, almost) it’s officially spring, and we hardly recognize ourselves now that we’ve shed our winter blah’s. here at THE TEN SPOT®, spring is 100% our fav time of year. a season for fresh, clean starts that really makes us feel like a ten®. though mother nature may not be in full bloom yet (depending on which [...]

  • kristen wood the ten spot

life on laser at THE TEN SPOT®: why now?

i’ve been dying for laser hair removal done right for a long time. the truth is, though we love waxing at THE TEN SPOT® and will always do an awesome job at it - everyone seems to have those areas where you wish the hair could be gone for good. laser is really the best and only real option to [...]

summer lovin

it's hot out there, and we are SO READY to embrace the best parts of summer; endless days, shimmering water and ice cream for dinner. this year we're really feeling the extremes of the season, so we're here to express our varied vibe with a versatile set of colour palettes to take you from your next poolside party to a [...]