nothing makes us feel more like a ten than perfectly primped and polished nails.

a good manicure is the best accessory money can buy, and with approximately 1,000,000* shades of polish to choose from at every 10spot® location, it’s easy to coordinate your nails with your closet for an effortlessly chic i-woke-up-like-this appearance at all times. beyoncé, eat your heart out.

in this guide you’ll find information about the nail services we offer at THE TEN SPOT®, tips on how to make your mani last longer, and advice on achieving healthy nails that will be the envy of everyone you meet. probably.

p.s. if you want information on our pedicure services, check here. if you’re curious about our militant cleanliness policy, you can read more about that right here.

*possibly a slight exaggeration. but we do have lots and lots and lots of colours available.

4 easy steps to beautiful nails

to gel or not to gel

we offer both a regular mani and a gel mani at each of our locations. The first option gets you a normal polish with top coat, while the gel option uses an LED lamp to cure the special type of polish, resulting in instantly dry nails that lasts about twice as long as regular polish. yes, really! miracles do exist.

which should you opt for? it depends on your lifestyle. if you like to change up your look very frequently and want to be able to remove the polish quickly at home, go for the mani. but if you want chip resistant, long lasting colour, go for the gel mani. added bonus: it dries instantly, so you can get back to work right away without the dreaded fear of smudge.

warts n’ all

is that a wart or fungus on your hand? sorry, but we won’t be able to give you a manicure today. we will not do services anyone who has a fungus, wart, herpes or any other communicable disease. we’re not trying to be mean, but the official health and safety regulations state that no spa is allowed to perform services on someone with those conditions. many spas turn a blind eye and do the services anyway, and sadly that’s most likely how it gets passed on. so if you have something, please see your doc and come back to us when it’s all cleared up.