Whether you’re prepping for sandal season, have a big event coming up, or you just fancy a pampering treat during your lunch break, a pedicure from THE TEN SPOT® leaves your feet feeling baby-soft and looking beautiful.

Our highly-trained estheticians have the pedicure tools and luxurious products to make your feel look and feel like new, plus you get a foot massage too! We’re really proud of our pedicure service, so read on below to find out what makes THE TEN SPOT® different.


  • Don’t worry about coming in with polish on your toes. We’ll remove the old polish for you.
  • If weather permits, come in wearing open-toed shoes so you don’t risk ruining your polish job. We sell Havaiana sandals at our stores, if you want to pick up a pair. During the winter, we’ll be happy to wrap your toes in clear plastic and guide your feet back into your shoes to minimize smudging. 
  • We offer a complimentary toe wax with each pedicure. No stragglers ruining your foot model moment. Woo!
  • If you want your pedi to really last, consider switching to a gel polish. this special polish gets cured under LED light and lasts about twice as long as regular polish. Best of all, it dries instantly so there’s no waiting around after your service is done.

THE TEN SPOT® difference

If it’s your first pedicure at THE TEN SPOT®, you may notice that we do some things a little differently. That’s because we’re a little obsessive about making sure everything is clean + sanitized. In fact, you might say we’re pedi-antic about it. (eh?!)

Lots of spas + nail salons say that they’re serious about hygiene, but we’re the real deal. Here’s how our strict policies impact our pedicure service:

  • At THE TEN SPOT® we don’t use whirlpool type foot baths, because they’re virtually impossible to sanitize. anything with jets can spread a bacteria called mycobacterium fortuitum, which is as scary as it sounds. seriously, google it if you’re brave. So jets are out. instead, we use stainless steel circular foot basins that we sterilize after each use. There are no corners or crevices for bacteria to hide in, so we can be sure that we’re 100% nailing our self-imposed sanitation regime.
  • It should go without saying that we fully sterilize all tools between guests, but we’re saying it again, just in case. All of our pedicure tools are stainless steel. We clean them after each use, and then soak them in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes to completely sterilize them. same goes for nail art tools.
  • We dispose of anything that can’t be sterilized. That means the nail files, foot files and buffer bricks used during your pedicure are only used on you. We think this should be standard practice in all spas, but unfortunately it’s not.
  • You won’t get a “foot shaving” or have a razor tool used to remove dead skin at THE TEN SPOT®. That’s because those tools can’t be sanitized to our standards, and the practice itself could be dangerous as it increases the risk of breaking the skin. Instead, we use single-use foot files to remove all the rough skin, and finish off with an invigorating scrub and foot massage for super smooth feet.
  • We don’t use the pedicure chairs or massage chairs you find at lots of spas. That’s because they can’t be cleaned and we think that’s a bit gross. We like to wipe every surface down after each guest so we’ve opted for comfy cushions that can be cleaned in a jiffy.

warts n’ all

Is that a wart or fungus on your foot? Sorry, but we won’t be able to give you a pedicure today. We will not do services anyone who has a fungus, wart, herpes or any other communicable disease. We’re not trying to be mean, but the official health and safety regulations state that no spa is allowed to perform services on someone with those conditions. Many spas turn a blind eye and do the services anyway, and sadly that’s most likely how it gets passed on. So if you have something, please see your doc and come back to us when it’s all cleared up.