soft vs. hard wax – what’s the diff?

let’s be real here, getting any body part waxed – your eyebrows, your legs, + especially your bikini area – can be an interesting experience for all of us.

but what do you really know about the wax itself? or how different types of wax are used for different body parts?

it’s cool, you may not know, but our esthetic experts have got you covered (and not in wax!).

let’s chit-chat about the two types of wax we use at THE TEN SPOT® – hard wax + soft wax. our hard wax is essentially used for speciality waxing services, such as our famous brazilly® , while soft wax is used for guests with fine hairs and works better on larger areas of the body.

now, let us introduce to you THE TEN SPOT’S® own hard wax – the hard kis wax®, shown below in our orange shade (yes – our own pantone and everything!)

you might be wondering how this sticky, orange concoction works. it’s actually pretty simple! while the usual hard wax takes 2-3 times to get all the hair off, our hard kis wax works after 1 pull! we apply a thin coat of wax to the skin. once we let the wax dry, we pull against the growth of the hair, which melts into the wax as it dries. once the wax comes off, there should be absolutely NO wax residue left on the skin. so. easy. however, we do have to note that our famous hard kis wax is NOT used on larger areas of the body, such as the legs, arms, chest + back. that’s a job fit for our soft wax!

our soft wax, aka our strip wax, is definitely a staple of ours. our sensitive soft wax is formulated with lavender oil, which can make help with pain relief, disinfection, and can make your appointment super soothing and calming.

so – does one type of wax beat out the other? absolutely not! both types of wax are ideal, depending on the body hair you want to wax off. but if you ever have questions about our wax and how we use it, make sure to ask any of our esthetics experts at one of our many 10spot® locations – again, we have you covered. in wax this time!

*10spot verified® bonus tip!*

have you ever heard the saying “beauty is pain?”, well that might be true, but not if we can help it! we totally understand the anxiety that comes with waxing, especially if you’re a brand-newbie to it (+ especially if you’re trying out a brazilly for the first time!). while our hard kis wax helps to reduce the pain you might feel during your appointment, THE TEN SPOT has other solutions to help! we carry tubes of numbing cream for anyone who might want to prep themselves before their waxing appointments. our esthetics experts recommend purchasing our numbing creams at any of our 10spot locations and applying it about 30 minutes before your session. it’ll make you say “oooh!” rather than “ouch!”

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