have you ever wondered why your skin is just sooooooo itchy when it gets cooler outside?

or why you have to bust out the big bottle of lotion on your office desk 5 months out of the year? you know the answer, and we do too, so let’s all say it together – it’s wintertime! the heaters + the below freezing temperatures, it all amounts to making your skin looking and feelin’ dehydrated! 

so which skincare routine is the best in the winter? grab your lotions, your creams + your exfoliants – your skin is about to start lookin’ summer-time ready!

here are our 10spot verified® tips to keep your skin feeling and lookin’ smooth all winter season!

tip #1

humidity is key!

obviously when the temperature starts to drop those heaters begin to rise! while there’s no better feeling than to step into a warm home, central heat can make the air in house drier – and so will your skin! to prevent dry, tight + itchy skin, look into purchasing a humidifier to add moisture into your home (they can also help with those reoccurring winter colds!)

tip #2


we won’t lie – we love a steaming hot shower, especially after you’ve been outside all day. however, cranking up the heat in your water temperature can create cracks in your skin or the “winter’s itch”, especially if you don’t moisturize afterwards. instead, take time out of your day for a lil’ r+r and take a lukewarm bath at the end of the day. bonus points if you invest in a bath soak (maybe ours?!) that’ll help to hydrate your dry skin!

tip #3

lotion up!

keep one in your purse, at the office, and definitely in the bathroom! obviously we all know that creams and lotions are a priority whenever winter comes around, but make sure you’re investing in the right ones! look for the right types of lotions and creams for your skin type. you might also want to avoid fragrances that can irritate your skin. try choosing creams and products that contain natural ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter or vitamin e (our 10spot beauty lotion has all three!!)

tip #4

don’t leave the house! (when wet)

we might sound like you’re mom, but it’s true! make sure you’re completely, totally, 100% dry when going outside! you might want to run out for errands or need to run to work, but if your skin is damp it will start to crack and dry up. before stepping foot (or your boot?) into the cold weather, make sure you’re totally dry and your skin is moisturized!

tip #5

run back to your ex-foliants!

but be wary! don’t exfoliate too much in the winter if your skin is very, very dry. but if it isn’t, then exfoliants can do you good in the colder seasons! using exfoliating masks and scrubs at least once a week can help to get rid of dead skin cells, which allows better penetration of moisturizers and creams! exfoliants can help get rid of that winter’s itch and keep your skin looking + feeling smooth as ice (+ wait for it…we sell them too!)

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