pre + post tips

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life on laser

experience life on laser at THE TEN SPOT®! yep, that’s right. we’ve launched laser. amazing af results. pretty much pain-free. pay as you go, on the [...]

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laser FAQ

let's get ya in the know on all things laser at the 10spot®! frequently asked questions our amazing af machine sets itself. [...]

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post-laser tips

so how was it for you? here’s a list of things to do and expect, post-laser appointment at THE TEN SPOT®: what [...]

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pre-laser tips

let’s getcha fully prepared, so your appointment runs as smoothly as possible (yep, that was a pun). here’s a checklist of things to do before [...]

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get nailed: all about manicures

nothing makes us feel more like a ten than perfectly primped and polished nails. a good manicure is the best accessory money can buy, and with [...]

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pre-wax tips

whether you're getting a leg wax, brow re-shape or our signature brazilly®, there are some important waxing tips to remember to make it all run [...]

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post-wax tips

so how was it for you? after your 10spot® appointment, you should be feeling smooth and pampered, and there are some steps you should follow to [...]

facial tips

hands up, who wants glowing, radiant skin? thought so. a facial is the ultimate in affordable luxury that not only makes you look and feel [...]