so how was it for you? after your 10spot® appointment, you should be feeling smooth and pampered, and there are some steps you should follow to keep it that way.

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what to do after your wax

  • don’t exfoliate your skin for 24 hours – it deserves a break! but once a day has gone by, frequent exfoliating and moisturizing helps prevent ingrown hairs. every second day is a good routine to get into.
  • take a (not too hot!) shower that night and clean the entire area with gentle soap. because the skin is more sensitive after a wax, it’s prone to infection so you need to keep it squeaky clean. if you normally shower in the morning, switch up your routine for one day (and enjoy a lie-in tomorrow!)
  • if you’ve had a bikini wax, do yourself a favour and don’t exercise or have sexy time that night. giving the newly waxed area a break from friction or excessive sweating is a good thing and helps you stay bump-free.
  • wear something loose and comfy to bed (if anything at all!), avoid wearing anything overly tight (like: tiny g-string, spandex playsuit or ultra-skinny jeans) over the next couple of days. your skin recovers more quickly without anything rubbing against it.
  • avoid exposing your newly-smooth region to sunlight for a day or two. just waxed skin tends to burn more easily. #ouch #nothanks

how to avoid ingrown hairs

what are ingrown hairs anyway? sometimes after hair removal you may notice a raised or painful bump on the skin. this is caused by the hair trying to regrow from a clogged follicle. often there’s dead skin blocking its way out, so the hair turns back on itself and starts to grow back into the follicle.

yep, it’s pretty grim. and not what you want happening on your lady bits/underarms/legs, that’s for sure. luckily it’s totally avoidable.

your number one defense against ingrown hairs? exfoliation. by lifting off the dead skin cells regularly, you’re keeping your skin smooth and follicles unblocked. meaning no ugly red bumps around here, no siree. use an exfoliating mitt or body scrub every second day to keep the skin clear. we’re happy to help you find the right tools and products (we kinda know a lot about this stuff, nbd) – just pop into any location and have a chat with us.

next step? moisturize as if your life depended on it. lotion is your new best friend. keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized, both before and after waxing, ensures you feel supple and healthy, and helps prepare your skin for anything.

on the off-chance frequent exfoliating and moisturizing isn’t quite cutting it, pop into one of our locations and talk with us. we have products that should help prevent and loosen the ingrowns, and we’re happy to help you figure out which would be best for you.