getting laser? here’s what to expect

let’s get ya in the know on all things laser at the 10spot®!

pre-laser checklist

let’s getcha fully prepared, so your appointment runs as smoothly as possible (yep, that was a pun). here’s a checklist of things to do before your laser service:

  • shave! we know this goes against pretty much everything we’re about, but in the case of laser, we’re making an exception! make sure to shave the area getting lasered prior to your appointment. we recommend the day or night before – whatever works for ya!
  • come in about 15 minutes early to sign our in-store waiver! don’t worry – this (highly standardized) consent form is totally on the up and up. take your time reading the fine print + hit us up with your autograph when you’re done!
  • say goodbye to excess uv exposure – we’re talking tanning, tanning beds, and tanning creams – four weeks prior to your appointment.
  • numb yo’self! (if you want to). totally up to you + your pain threshold, but for more sensitive areas like the brazilly®, we highly recommend buying a tube of our numbing cream. either pop by about half an hour prior to your appointment and apply it in the bathroom, or do it at home! no pain + serious gain!

frequently asked questions

our amazing af machine sets itself. yep, that’s right – our patented skintel technology measures the melanin content of your skin + automatically sends that info back to our diode laser, so your service is tailored to your unique hair colour + skin type. we’ll take a new reading of every area of your body to ensure the safest, most effective treatment for ya!
yep! our (amazing af) laser hair removal machine works on all skin + hair types. light, dark, thin, thick – we’re in the business of saying buh bye to all unwanted hair.
nope! our esthetic experts are highly trained to keep you safe + sound. we’ll start by asking you to wear some super rad shades to protect your eyes + walk you through the entire laser hair removal process from start to finish to make sure you’re 100% comfortable.
hells no! we’re not in the business of scammy packages. one treatment? four? whatever floats your boat. pay as you go, on the go. you’re welcome.
because our laser is legit the best in the biz, on average, you’re lookin’ at about 4-6. but depending on your hair sitch, it could be more or less! ask our ee’s — they know what’s what!
we’ve got the fastest laser on the market, so we’ll getcha in and out in a hot minute (on average, about 20)! you can even stop by before work (for reals). walk in, strut out. you know the drill.
if you use numbing cream (we sell it), then not at all! if you don’t, you’ll feel a bit of a sensation, but not pain. it’s as pain-free as it gets, promise!
we’ll need to cover your tattoos to prevent damage / fading of your ink! piercings will need to removed (they can impact the laser), but we can totally work around ya!
sorry, future mamas! unfortunately, you can’t have laser done during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
yep, plz do! we recommend shaving the night before your appointment — just be sure not to wax or tweeze throughout your sessions!
yep! 18 and older? just sign on the dotted line! 16-18? we’ll need parental consent to getcha booked in! under 16? sorry – get back to us when you’re old enough to drive!

post-laser tips

here’s a list of things to do and expect, post-laser appointment at THE TEN SPOT®:

  • you may notice a bit of redness and/or irritation around your lasered areas. note: this is totally normal. redness can last up to a few days, but it’ll likely subside after a few short hours! think: mild sunburn.
  • avoid sun exposure on all lasered areas! when in doubt, turn to spf 45 or higher throughout the course of your treatment.
  • anywhere from 7-30 days after your appointment, you may notice what appears to be new hair growth coming from your treated areas. don’t panic! this is actually dead hair making its way out of your follicle, so keep calm, keep shaving, and carry on as usual.