health + safety

here at THE TEN SPOT®, we adhere to the most stringent hygiene standards + practices, going well above and beyond government regulations. seriously, we’re kind of intense about it. as clinical cleanliness is a major concern in our industry, we think it’s imperative that our (insanely high) standards are in place for the health and safety of our guests + employees. our cleanliness policies are the same in all our locations, so you can trust that every visit to THE TEN SPOT® is safe.

we’re serious about clinical cleanliness

sure, every spa says they follow “strict hygiene standards” (spoiler alert: they don’t) but we really really mean it, and we’re happy to tell you about our policies. after all, they’re for your benefit! if you have any questions, give us a call.
  • we disinfect everything. seriously. door knobs, light switches, beds, counters…we spray down every hard surface with a product designed to eliminate fungal, bacterial and viral infections.
  • stainless steel implements are scrubbed + disinfected in a bath of isopropyl alcohol.
  • gloves are worn by estheticians for pedicures, certain waxing, laser and facial procedures.
  • we use disposable linens and paper in all applicable treatments and dispose of them after each service.
  • pedicure sinks are scrubbed and soaked with medical grade disinfectant and bleach after each use.
  • we don’t use “spa chairs” or whirlpool-type foot baths. these are impossible to clean or disinfect so it’s a hard pass from us. foot basins with whirlpools or taps are a breeding ground for mycobacterium fortuitum, which is a fast growing bacteria that causes boils and scarring on the legs. in 2001, the centres for disease control in atlanta, georgia issued a warning against them, so we don’t use them!
  • we don’t perform services on anyone who has fungus, warts, herpes or any other communicable disease. sorry, but it’s against the health + safety regulations that all spas are supposed to follow. lots of places turn a blind eye to this rule and provide the service anyway – which is probably how these things spread. if you have something, please see your doctor and come back to us when it’s all cleared up.

we promise we’ll never, ever, ever…

  • double dip wax. double dipping is one of the most dangerous (and gross) waxing practices – and unfortunately, it happens at lots of spas. imagine the guest before you got a butt crack wax and now you’re up for an upper lip wax. in a place that double dips, all that nastiness could be spread on to you (literally). we’re talking dead cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, fecal matter, blood, mucous, discharge… with double dipping that’s all going back into the pot. vom.
  • re-use anything that cannot be disinfected. aTHE TEN SPOT®, our nail files, foot files, and buffers are only used once. new guest, new files. incredibly, this is a practice you won’t find everywhere. seems pretty obvious to us.
  • launder wax strips. gosh, it’s so gross we can barely think about it – but yes, some spas just rinse the wax and hair off of their strips and re-use them on the next client. #traumatized
  • risk spreading disease by performing services on anyone with a communicable skin condition. ie: fungus, warts or any other unknown irritation. thank you for understanding.