what to expect when you’re getting our signature service – the brazilly® – for the first time.

what’s a brazilly®?

our signature wax service takes everything (or almost everything off, if you prefer) off your bikini and bum area. it’s our most popular service, and it’s not hard to see why.

our improved version of the brazilian wax is super special because of the type of wax our expert estheticians use, which allows them to remove all the hair from your lady bits without causing you undue discomfort. yes, it hurts a little, but by using hard wax instead of normal soft wax, we’ve managed to limit the amount of pulling and tugging for fuss-free defuzzing.

if you’re a waxing virgin, you’ve come to the right place. we’ve had years to perfect our technique, and that’s why we’re confident that we’re offering you the best service possible.

it’s normal to be a tad nervous before your first wax down there – after all, chances are you’ve never had anyone get that up-close-and-personal with your lady bits before. reading through our pre- and post-appointment tips below should help – we’ve also included a step-by-step guide to the process to help you feel fully-prepared and confident. also, make sure to mention to us before your wax that it’s your first time – we’ll make sure to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and confident.

frequently asked questions

this depends on the person. everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, but on average most people stay smooth for 1-3 weeks. hair grows in stages and in each shaft three hairs can grow at different rates. that’s why you get better results the longer you wait, so that the most hair is sprouted. you will, however, notice that after a few brazilian bikini waxes, your hair will start to grow in much finer and more slowly – aka no stubble, itching, or prickles!
as long as it’s ok with your doctor, it’s ok with us. sometimes the size of the tummy can make the procedure a bit more uncomfortable for some people, but we work around your comfort level. btw, while you’re primping for the birthday, why not get your toes done too?
‘n’ to the ‘o’. waxed hair grows in thinner and softer. it’s only when you shave that you get the itching, prickles and dark stubble. +10 points for waxing!
yeppers! it’s not a problem. however, we do require guests to wear a tampon or use a menstrual cup when they’re on their cycle. just tuck in the string or cut it short.
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gimme the facts!

wondering exactly what will happen when you step into THE TEN SPOT® for your first brazilly® wax?

we’ll greet you and bring you to your private waxing room. you’ll need to get undressed from the waist down for the service, so we’ll leave you alone and wait outside while you undress. we always leave a  wipette on the table so you can have a quick clean (great if you’ve rushed in and fancy a freshen up). once you’ve stripped down, hop on the table, get comfortable, and place the provided towel over your lower section. once you’re ready, your esthetician will come back into the room.

next, it’s time to position your legs to make it easier (and less painful!) to wax. don’t worry, the towel will stay in place at all times. after sprinkling some powder to soak up any excess moisture and make the process run more smoothly, we’re ready for the wax!

starting with the bikini area (aka: the hair that’s visible when you’re wearing regular panties – think off to the sides and a little bit on top), we’ll start to remove the hair with soft wax. then we move on to hard wax for the more painful bits. hard wax is great for the sensitive bits because it only clings to the hair so your skin doesn’t get unnecessarily traumatized.

once the wax is applied, it hardens within a few seconds. next up is the uncomfortable bit: we’ll pull your skin taut and pull the wax off in one motion. try taking a few deep breaths at this point to limit the sting. fyi: we work from side to side to give your skin a little break, and also so that if you decide to stop at any point, both sides will look even.

remember, we have to reposition your legs and hands during the course of the wax, so make sure to mention if you feel uncomfortable at any point. after waxing the labia, bum and mons pubis, you’re all done!

before leaving, we’ll apply the after wax lotion to soothe the skin and make sure that any rogue wax is removed before you put your clothes back on. we also give you time to check out the handiwork – feel free to feel around or check using a mirror. we’ll wait outside the door while you check, so make sure to let us know if there are any areas you’d like them to re-do or touch up. the entire process should take about 20 minutes, et voilà, a smooth and hair-free undercarriage!

for the brazilly® and our other speciality waxing services, we use specially-formulated hard wax. this is thicker than regular wax and perfect for smaller areas (hint: it’s not suitable for larger areas like legs). it hurts much less than regular soft wax because it sticks only to the hair and not to the skin, ensuring you don’t get any painful pulling or pinching.