hands up, who wants glowing, radiant skin? thought so. a facial is the ultimate in affordable luxury that not only makes you look and feel better in the short term, but has lasting positive effects. regular facials (especially with an active home-care regimen) help prevent breakouts, keep your surface cells newer and healthier, and thereby ensure that your skin looks top-notch.

in short: prepare for a lot of compliments at work tomorrow.

our expert estheticians know a helluva lot about skin types, and they’ll choose the absolute perfect products to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your face, leaving you looking and feeling amazing. each facial comes with a specialized skin consultation, where we’ll help you decode your skin type and give you advice for how to care for your skin in future. we can even recommend specific products to help you achieve your dream skin.

coming in for a facial at THE TEN SPOT®? here are some things to bear in mind to get the best results:

pre-facial checklist

please note: we never perform facial waxing on the same day as a facial, please book facials and facial waxing on separate days (min. 48hrs pre/post facial).

  • it’s ok to come with make-up on (we’ll take it off for you).
    • try to stay out of the sun in the days preceding your treatment. because we work with professional exfoliants, working with sunburnt skin = no bueno!
    • be ready to answer questions about your top skin concerns, at-home skincare routine or any allergies or sensitivities.
  • maximize the experience by planning your facial on a relaxing day or before a night off – you will feel so blissed out after.

pro tip: don’t plan a facial anytime near your wedding, graduation, court date or any other occasion when you need to look your best. facials are perfectly safe services, but as with all spa services it’s not recommended close to a big date, as you never know if your skin may react.

questions we get asked, like, all the time:

we don’t advise it. keep your super clean skin for one day and enjoy it!
nope, sorry.  everyone’s skin reacts to wax and products differently. you may be fine, but it’s not a risk we want to take. as an alternative you can try threading if it is offered at your desired location.

nope! we use a gentle extraction techniques and use a bunch of products to combat redness and irritation that will help to calm the skin post extractions.

facials should be done every 6 to 8 weeks for optimal skin care with a maintenance facial (ie: the quickie facial) in between (like 3 to 5 weeks) for upkeep and in case of breakouts. at THE TEN SPOT® we’ve packed our facials with all the goodies of the more pricey spa treatments but kept the prices low so that they can be an affordable part of your skin care regime. but of course, it’s all about your home care. so we make sure to inform you of your specific skin condition and what you need to do at home to keep it radiant!

THE TEN SPOT® facial, step by step

lots of people are excited by the idea of healthier skin (duh!) but nervous before their first treatment because they’re not sure how facials work. well no fear, because we’re about to give you the lowdown!

our esthetic experts follow a step-by-step facial process that leaves you glowing and feeling like a certified ten!

to begin with, we’ll show you to a private area where you can remove the top half of your clothes. don’t worry, we’ll give you a cover-up and a blanket to get cozy under. we’ll lead you to our facial bar and let you get settled in our super-comfy reclining chairs.

the first order of business is to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin with a hot towel. once your face is squeaky clean, we’ll inspect it closely to determine your skin type and decide which products to use. each facial is completely customized based on you, so this is a great time to tell us about any concerns or skin issues you want to address.

what follows is a blend of deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer, the works! you get to sit back and relax while we lavish your skin with premium products + expert techniques. we’ll use gentle methods to extract any impurities or impactions. once we’re done, you’ll have that top-notch glow that lasts all week.